The Gadgets To Advance Your Business In 2020

 | Posted by Kate Upton

For those of us who work within the digital realms, we are constantly being bombarded with technological advancements across the board and some of them can prove incredibly beneficial for us. With advancements in video and photography, we have seen the benefits that this can bring to business. Some of these may include video monitoring and surveillance or the way in which we can now create content and promote it.

Huge advancements in video security have seen a massive benefit for catching criminals in the act as well as serving as a huge deterrent. With facial recognition being used to monitor public and private spaces, we can start to appreciate just why more and more businesses are starting to invest in better technology. This has always been a vital way to grow – the more we invest, the more we get back. Whilst at first you may not know a way to get a ROI, however there are many ways that this can happen.

Drones? The gadget that is taking over the technology world

Drones have been used for a while in many ways and they are used in so many ways. Most of which are for content creation. Drones can be used to create the most exquisite content, HD video captured from a bird’s eye view, this is the most incredible way to use a drone. They can also provide real-time pictures of situations as they develop on the ground which can be used for security businesses as well as even by the police. 

You can act more quickly and get police involved quicker. Drones provide an insight into certain inspections of specific areas to perform an analysis on the dangers. With a DJI, you can find a drone that suits your business needs, depending on what your business niche is. Some of the main benefits of drones are:

-Drones minimize the obvious dangers and health risks because they are flying in the air away from humans.

-Collection of in-depth and higher detail data which is great for analysis.

-Quick deployment or launch, they are ready to go as long as they are charged.

-Flexibility to suit a majority of inspections including buildings, and dangerous areas.

-Easily shareable data to people in an office or on the ground who can assess live data.

Lessen cyber threats with a Managed Service Provider

Cyber technology is a great investment. If you aren’t looking into this, then it’s important that you do. There are plenty of technologies, processes, and practices that are specifically designed to protect networks and this is often managed by a MSP. They work to protect your entire system as well as manage all the technology, offering advancements and advice relating to your business. It’s an investment that all people in this decade should be looking into if they wish to further succeed. As well as defending devices and data from cyber attacks, they can also assist with damages, or unauthorized access to files which could breach confidentiality. This is something that all businesses should be looking into this decade in order to stay on top of their business.

Some of the types of cyber threats that you may be the most familiar with are:

-Malware – Malware is a term used to describe malicious software, including spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms.


-Man-in-the-middle attack.

-Denial-of-service attack.

-SQL injection.

-Zero-day exploit.

-DNS Tunneling.

The types of cyber protection that are the most valuable are:

-Bitdefender Total Security.

-Norton 360 Deluxe.

-Avast Ultimate.

-Webroot Internet Security Plus.

Investing in cyber protection is something that you should have looked into long ago because cyber attacks have been on the rise for the past few years.

Sustainable office features for the future

Sustainability is the future and if you have an office, you could be saving money as well as practising sustainability. Solar panels can be used to help bring energy to your working space. If you have an office space then you may want to look at alternative ways in which to bring energy to it. If you live in an area with high energy rates and a suitable solar rating then you could start to see a great ROI on using solar panels. They do take time to really come into effect, taking time to get to understand and appreciate the way in which they work, however the best energy providers will be able to assist you further with the best ways forward for your business. You may also want to look at installing an eco friendly boiler system, a Combi boiler is great and can be used in your business premises to keep costs down and bring your business into the new decade.

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